Motto “Ours is the Right”
Crest A gray ship against a field of blue below and black above, the upper shield spangled with silver stars.

The most influential house in Brevoy, House Surtova, is also the oldest, established in Issia centuries before Choral’s arrival. The Surtovas were infamous pirates and raiders in those early days, and with the Conquerer’s coming were able to parley captured wealth into lands and titles. What started out as a defensible fortress became Port Ice, a settlement that has been the seat of Surtova power for generations. Nikos Surtova’s alliance with Choral secured House Surtova’s place at the right hand of the ruling house, and allowed them to move quickly into place after the Vanishing.

The Survotas established a regency in the absence of King Urzen, which has quickly become the de facto succession to the crown. King Noleski Surtova sits upon the Dragonscale Throne, while his sister Natala Surtova reigns as unofficial queen, as her brother is as yet unmarried. Rumors say Natala enjoys her role (and her influence over her brother) far too much to embrace the idea of a proper sister-in-law. Still, there is considerable pressure for Noleski to choose a bride and produce heirs for his new dynasty.

Notable Members

Regent Noleski Surtova

Natala Surtova Natala Surtova is sister to Noleski and by tradition & law, she rules alongside him until he marries. Many say she is the mind behind the current regent’s actions. Natala is known as being a complex and conniving noble.

Eric Vincarlo – A former banner knight under House Surtova who attracted the attention of Carlotta Surtova during a particularly daring river rescue. Unfortunately, Carlotta saw him as more of a pet than a husband. Due to this, it wasn’t surprising when Eric took a mistress as lords tend to do. This wouldn’t have been much of a scandal, however, if Eric hadn’t fostered the woman’s child after she died birthing his son.

Carlotta Surtova – A beautiful and cunning distant cousin to Natala. Despite her distant position, she still has a significant role at court. Her participation in the parties of New Stetven allows her to bring useful gossip to the family.

Reginald Surtova – Now deceased brother to Carlotta. He was once a Venture Captain with the Pathfinders, ruling the New Stetven branch. Among the Pathfinders he was seen as a fair and just man, if a strict disciplinarian. He had one major flaw, however. He loved his sister and let her drag him into numerous political disputes. It was one such dispute that led to his death at the hands of Eric Vincarlo’s bastard son, Theron Cursaro.

Cosmin Avraham Lord Avraham is a minor member of the Surtova family and a representative for their interests in Restov. He is a subtle politician earning him the nickname “Serpent Cosmin.” It is said few gain any advantage in a deal he is involved in.

Non-Noble Members

Alice Crowley – A simple scullery maid in Carlotta Surtova’s household. She knew Theron growing up and is his sometimes lover. She also shares gossip from the house with him.



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