Nowhere is the Rostlandic spirit more alive than in the Free City of Restov. Restov owes its allegiance to the Brevic crown, and the Council of Swordlords must bend knee before the Dragonscale Throne like any lord, but otherwise Restov is a haven for the lost glories of the Aldori swordlords. It is both a city of refinement and tough-and-tumble manners. The lords of Restov consider themselves sophisticated, although a Taldan visitor would find their ways quaint and touched with northern barbarism. Restov’s a bustling trade center with a substantial amount of wealth allowing it to support many titled lordlings and merchants’ sons. Dueling is legal in Restov and a frequent past-time as people compete between various Adlori and Taldan dueling schools. The schools and alehouses of Restov are hotbeds for rebellious talk against the reign of Regent Noleski Surtova.

Notable NPCs

  • Lord Richard Iannuchi
  • Lord Cosmin Avraham

    h4. Relations with Mivon

    Before Brevoy was a nation, its territory was called Issia and Rostland. Issia covered northern Brevoy and Rostland the south. Rostland was ruled by the Council of Swordlords. However, a hundred years ago Choral the Conquerer came to the lands and took them over. He established a dynasty of his family blood (The Rogarvia’s) and made it a single nation. Restov retains a little authority but the swordlords lost much of their land to the Issian houses who surrendered readily to Choral.

    When Rostland went to war with Choral and Issia to protect itself, many of their swordlords abandoned them. These swordlords went south and founded a settlement that would become the city of Mivon. To this day, the Rostlandic/Restov swordlords believe the Mivonese swordlords to be betrayers. It doesn’t help that Mivon has a fairly bad reputation for violence and is run by a mafia-type organization.

    Mivonese and Aldori (Restov style) sword fighting is fairly distinct and there is rivalry over which type of sword-style is better.

    h4. Locations

    La Madia – Famous Restov restaurant.



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