Motto High Above
Crest A black eagle against a gold field, wings spread, feathers almost touching at the point of the base.

From Eagle’s Watch on the slopes of Mt. Veshka, House Orlovsky seeks to remain above the conflicts in Brevoy, both figuratively and literally. Unfortunately, the house’s role as a staunch ally of the Rogarvias has placed it in an awkward position under the current regime.

Thus far, House Orlovsky has refused to acknowledge Noleski Surtova as anything other than Lord Regent in the absence of King Urzen or a true Rogarvian heir, but it is becoming increasingly clear which way the political winds are shifting. Lord Poul Orlovsky will soon be forced to either declare for the man he considers a usurper and opportunist, or seek to overthrow him and claim the Dragonscale Throne for himself (or another he finds worthy).

An alliance between Orlovsky, Garess, and Medvyed could divide the nation, and cut the Surtovas’ travel and supply routes between Port Ice and New Stetven, but any such arrangement must be cultivated discreetly.

Notable Members

Duke Poul Orlovsky A traditionalist who prefers to remain neutral—until recently. He may soon have to choose to either support House Surtova or rebellion against them.

Vassily Orlovsky Brother to Poul. He is a military man who feels Poul’s neutrality is going to tear the family apart.

Liliya Orlovsky Poul’s wife, she often uses her political power to sabotage House Surtova’s trade agreements.

Josef Kramr A swordlord who is also a sworn vassal of House Orlovsky. He is also a wise lawyer and judge of the law, often traveling to help towns in other duchies with justice issues.

Liza Tesar A cousin to the family and representative of House Orlovsky in Restov. She is good at keeping proposals for her hand from reaching the Duke. She is key to keeping the house neutral in the recent affairs.



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