Capital Mivon
Notable Settlements Mivon
Ruler Mayor Raston Selline
Government Meritocracy
Religion Calistria, Cayden Cailean, Desna, Gorum

It was to Mivon (pronounced mih-VON) that many of the Aldori swordlords fled after Choral the Conqueror overthrew the nation of Rostland to create modern day Brevoy. Many swordlords settled in Mivon bringing with them the experience and knowledge of the ancient art of the swordlords. Warriors from as far as way Garund make pilgrimages to Mivon to learn the secrets of the swordlords, in order to do this the applicant must best a series of increasingly tough duels. The city also has a large fishing industry that specializes in catching eels in the pools surrounding the city. It is said that due to the violent nature of the city many of the eels have tasted human flesh and the phrase “a walk to the fishponds” has a very sinister meaning as the person normally does not return

Dueling in Mivon

The Aldori Swordlords in Mivon make use of a broader style than their counterparts in Restov. They also tend to attach greater significance to duels. In Restov, dueling is commonplace. In Mivon, dueling is used to gamble. Fortunes rise and fall and government positions are won or lost based on duels. The city has a monthly publication called the List of Suitors that lists the rankings of the best duelists in Mivon. These rankings change weekly at the Sevier, a weekly gathering of swordsmen and women who wish to prove themselves in public.

Duels in Mivon include a formal insulting phase. Rules of Mivoni Dueling

  • The Challenged picks weapon and armor
  • Two parties agree upon the victory conditions. Common conditions are first blood, until one is disabled or until one concedes.
  • The two parties agree upon the stakes before hand. The outcome of the duel is irrevocable and shall not be cause for vendetta.
  • Both men and women may participate.
  • Anyone between the age of 16 and 60 may duel.
  • Only Aldori may win governmental positions
  • One may only fight 3 duels per week at the Sevier.
  • No duel may last more than 15 minutes.
  • All duels must be witnessed by at least one friend of each participant. Otherwise, death during the duel can be considered homicide.


Mivon is a meritocracy with the current mayor gaining his position by dueling the last. Mayor Raston Selline concedes that should someone defeat him in a duel, they will take his position. The mayor is also assisted by the High Council and the Houses of Exile. The High Council is a formal council that advises Selline and, reputedly, controls his network of information. The Houses of Exile consist of nine major swordlord houses and twenty minor houses. They offer legislation and speak for the politics of the city. Both houses tend to disagree most of the time.

The League of Merchants also has a small role in politics. They provide security for river merchants, information about river pirates and keep the pirates away from Mivoni waters. Reputedly, they actually are made up of river pirates.


Mivon has no formal military. Rather, each Aldori house fields its own militia, flies its own colors and swears fealty to a master rather than Mivon as a whole. Houses compete with one another to provide security for the city, patrol the land around the city, and other military duties. Selline makes the final decisions as to who performs these duties and must change which House does what to prevent favoritism.

Mivoni mercenaries are also common. Every year, the nation fields several mercenary groups consisting of hand-selected members of each House. Typically the most hot-headed members are chosen for these duties.

Notable Figures

  • Mayor Raston Selline – The leadership of Mivon is commonly held to be a meritocracy based on dueling. The Aldori swordlord, Raston Selline, is the current mayor. HE claims that the city will pass to whoever’s hands can defeat him in fair contest after first passing through the lesser lords on the List of Suitors. Selline seems genteel enough and is even a bit of a gossip. He has a reputation for mental trickery.
  • Gaspar Tellick – A younger swordlord of deadly skill who has voluntarily declared himself Selline’s inferior and thus anyone wishing to take the city’s government must first pass through Tellick. Selline seems to be helping Tellick become acquainted with the politics and networks of the city, which may suggest Tellick will challenge Selline soon and become mayor.
  • Lady Andara Gisvet – Speaker for the Houses in Exile. Lady Gisvet is the current head of House Gisvet, one of the minor houses. It is routinely agreed upon that none of the nine major houses may hold the position of speaker.



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