Council of Swordlords

The city of Restov is run by seven swordlords referred to jointly as the Council of Swordlords or the Swordlord Council. These seven individuals are also the only landed swordlords. The Council makes major decisions for Restov such as voting on budgets, large threats to the city or surrounding countryside and negotiating with the Dragonscale Throne on behalf of the swordlords.

The current Council is made up of the following seven members.

Who sits upon the Council of Swordlords is based on experience, knowledge and skill with the sword. When one of the Council dies or chooses to retire, the remaining members gather together to compile a list known as the Spade Conoscenza. They choose those swordlords among the Praefectus who have shown wisdom, leadership and swordsmanship. During a special feast called the Feast of Crossed Blades, the Council has all members on the Spade Conoscenza duel one another. The grand winner of the duels gains the seat and, traditionally, the lands of the deceased. Due to this method of passing land down from one swordlord to another, many of the families prime a child for taking their place when they step down. The Vasseri’s, Manolos, Iannuchi’s and Derros have held their seats for three or more generations each.

Swordlord Ranking

Restov contains three swordlord ranks. The Optio are those fully trained duelists that have earned their ranking among the swordlords. They are generally the youngest of the swordlords and the most numerous. The Praefectus consists of only twelve hundred swordlords at any one time, there are currently only 935 in this rank. Praefectus is a rank generally earned by defeating a current Praefectus in single combat. Occasionally, this rank will be given to children of Praefectus swordlords or granted as a special honor for actions greatly benefiting Restov. The final rank, that of the Dominus, is reserved for the landed swordlords—those on the Council of Swordlords.


Council of Swordlords

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