Goblin Heroes

These four demi-gods, referred to as the Goblin Hero-Gods, were initially powerful barghest deities who served Asmodeus’s wishes. They led many raids upon human settlements, being used as a long-standing ploy of Asmodeus to turn entire towns to his worship by having a mysterious, threatening monster appear nearby. These monsters found that when they murdered a mortal creature, spilling its blood onto the ground, that the blood coalesced into the form of goblins. They swiftly convinced these new creatures to worship them.

When Gyronna, the Angry Hag, created Muravelara, she gifted a large territory to these demi-gods. They turned from Asmodeus in return for their own territory and made sure that the goblins turned their worship to Gyronna. While goblins revere Gyronna, they still recognize the Hero Gods as secondary deities and some revere one or more of them above the Angry Hag.


Titles Greatest Supreme Chieftain Boss
Home Muravelara, the Abyss
Alignment Lawful Evil
Portfolio Goblin supremacy, Slavery, Territory

Hadregash is the strongest of his kind and the most organized. He is often found in murals wandering naked over a battlefield, destroying armies with his axe, Jarnbjorn. He was also the first to organize the goblins into tribes. His holy symbol is a length of chain or a manacle.


Titles Most Glorious Neverfull
Home Muravelara, the Abyss
Alignment Neuitral Evil
Portfolio Famine, Graves, Torture

Consort to Hadregash, the Most Glorious Neverfull, this female deity is often depicted with a large, cavernous maw. She has fangs that are nearly half her size and a stomach that can hold even a tarrasque. Her obsession with food often brings misfortune to her followers. She is also the goblin deity of graveyards and her followers are frequently shamans who carry the duties of giving rites to the dead. Her unholy symbol is a half-eaten piece of food, traditionally cheese or a pickle.


Titles Bark Breaker
Home Muravelara, the Abyss
Alignment Neutral Evil*
Portfolio Dog Killing, Fire, Mounted Combat

Zarongel is the most wolf-like of the four goblin heroes. He has long hair composed of magical fire and an equal obsession with flames. He has the most worshipers among the goblins who frequently hold Scorching Rites in his honour. A festival that involves burning as many things, and people, as possible. it is believed Zarongel brought the goblins goblin dogs to use as pets and mounts. His unholy symbol is a severed dog’s paw.


Titles Lady Lastbreath, Grand Witchy Witch
Home Muravelara, the Abyss
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Portfolio Drowning, Flotsam, Scavenging

The ugliest of the four, the female Zogmugot has an obsession with water and beaches. The goblins say that she looks out from every piece of beach glass with her baleful, mismatched eyes. If she is unhappy with those who visit the beach, she will trick them into the tides with shiny objects floating amidst the waves. The goblins say she is the one who chooses if a goblin who falls into the sea drowns or washes back up on shore. It is also believed that diving into a sea or ocean is a particular act of piety. For this reason, many of her worshipers drown.. Her unholy symbol is a seaweed-draped treasure chest. She is considered the most powerful spellcaster of the four.


Goblin Heroes

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