13th Age Kingmaker

This is the home page for two campaigns being run with Paizo’s Kingmaker Adventure path set in the world of Golarion. This is a heavily modified version of the AP using the 13th Age game system by Pelegrane Press. Please be patient as information is gradually updated to the website


Lords of the 13th Age
4 Rova 4711

The dark nights of New Stetven grow long. The once great kings of Brevoy have disappeared without a trace, leaving only a regent to take the throne. Regent Nikolai Surtova rests upon the Dragon Throne but is not content to simply be regent. He claims the ruling family, House Rogarvia, will never return and Brevoy cannot be left without a ruler. House Orlovsky opposes his claim to the throne while the other four houses change their loyalties daily. The nation is facing a crisis as the noble houses position for power, the minor banner houses of Rogarvia try to become the next major house and rumours abound of the Council of Swordlords plotting rebellion. Our heroes must survive in this political turmoil, succeeding at exploring and settling the wild Stolen Lands which has eaten dozens of colonists in the past.

The (Un)Fortunate Tale of the Iron Wraiths
The tales of the Iron Wraiths are not yet famous. Their escapades on the Sellen River are not sung in taverns. The treasures of Tol-Azansk’s Ancient Crypt in Old Iobaria would not be in Pathfinder hands without the Iron Wraiths…and yet, nary a Pathfinder knows the name. You and your three companions have been adventurers for two years. Two years of protecting caravans and taking odd jobs from the Pathfinders. You’ve seen the forests of Iobaria and sailed across the Lake of Mists and Veils to Mendev. And yet, no one knows your name. This can get frustrating when trying to earn a fortune adventuring.

However, a recent escapade has earned you a unique opportunity. You were assisting Dante Vasseri in cleaning out a reputed gnoll encampment that was causing trouble for a mine near Restov. However, it turned out the gnolls had a surprise—two war trolls. You saved the young Lord from certain death and put down one of the trolls, although the other escaped south—presumably out of Brevoy however. In return, you were lauded as heroes and brought before the Council of Swordlords. The Council offered you a charter. They were asking you to explore and tame an area of the Stolen Lands specifically, theGlenebon Uplands. So you head out, hearts filled with excitement at this prospect and heads held high for being individually chose—finally recognized.

[Kingmaker, 13th Age] Lords of the 13th Age

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