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Welcome to the revised Wiki for the Lords of the 13th Age Kingmaker game. This is a heavily customized campaign using Paizo’s Kingmaker Adventure Path. Rather than use Pathfinder’s vast system, it makes use of the narrative system of 13th Age by Pelegrane Press.

This game is currently being run using the Giants in the Playground forums and spans two separate games—Lords of the 13th Age and The (Un)Fortunate Tale of the Iron Wraiths. It is possible more games will spawn off of this due to the essence of Kingmaker if the player’s establish a solid kingdom.
Current Game List:

  • Lords of the 13th Age
  • The (Un)Fortunate Tale of the Iron Wraiths

    This wiki will be used to collect various information including characters, locations, NPC’s and events that occur. Much of this information is taken from the official Golarion wiki located here, or from various other Kingmaker games. I would like to thank, particularly, the Paizo forum posters Dmeister and Redcelt for their intriguing ideas that have made it into this game. There were many, many posters I took ideas and I’d like to thank them as well!

    To get started take a look at any of the below

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